Jellyfish Aquarium - Alpha22

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Jellyfish Aquarium -  Alpha22

Stunning and easy to maintain aquarium for jellyfish with inbuilt biological and mechanical filtration system.

It can be placed almost anywhere in your home or office.

Excellent RGB LED lighting with remote control and various lighting functions.

Connectors for aquarium air-conditioning installation.

Alpha22 is a smaller type of aquarium and is suitable for little species of jellyfish. We especially recommend it for the following species of jellyfish:

  • Moon jellyfish
  • Cannonball jellyfish
  • Fried egg jellyfish
  • Flame jellyfish
  • Lagoon jellyfish
  • Australian lagoon jellyfish


  • Volume: 22 liters
  • Material: Acrylic
  • External connection: Yes, for connecting a chiller
  • Number of jellyfish: 10 small (up to 2 cm) or 3 medium (2-6 cm)
  • Lighting: Inbuilt colour changing LED with a remote control
  • Filtration: Integrated mechanical and biological filter
  • Power consumption: About 15 W
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