Jellyfish aquariums used for breeding – size M (35 litres)

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Jellyfish aquariums used for breeding – size M (35 litres)

The 35-litre breeding aquarium is made to successfully breed jellyfish. Can be built into a wall.

Breeding aquariums for jellyfish with the capacity of 35 l is a specifically designed tank to ensure a safe breeding environment. Thanks to the round edges there is a constant mild water flow which helps the jellyfish to float lightly. There is also a built-in partition from the drainage to the filtration used to protect the jellyfish from being sucked into the filtration.

This type of aquarium can be used in aquatic stores as a selling tank. They also look great in households as built-in jellyfish aquariums. After illuminating the aquarium, the jellyfish absorb all colours with their bodies. It is truly fascinating to look at them.


  • Size: 430 x 490 x 266 mm
  • Capacity: 35L / 10 gal
  • Construction – 8 mm akryl
  • Number of jellyfish: 50 ks pieces

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