Amakusa Jellyfish small (Sanderia Malayensis)

Amakusa Jellyfish small (Sanderia Malayensis)

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Amakusa Jellyfish (Sanderia Malayensis)

The Amakusa jellyfish (Sanderia Malayensis) is to be commonly spotted on the southern coast of Japan, but only in the summertime. Amakusa jellyfish have 32 lappets, 4 mouth-arms and 16 very long tentacles coming out from the bell. Their colour varies from brown to white. They have dots on their bells. They live in an ocean and their sting is very strong and can kill a small fish in seconds. However, captive-bred Amakusa jellyfish has weaker stings, and they do not cause serious harm to the human skin. The skin may just get a little irritated. Their tentacles are long and very beautiful when they are fully extended. Therefore, they must be kept in bigger aquariums. Usually, they are seen only in public aquariums.


  • Size: maximum bell size – 20 cm
  • Length of life: approximately 1 year
  • Colouring: brow-white with dots
  • Safety: stinging (mild skin irritation)
  • Placement: big aquariums
  • Feeding: Artemia, small fish, jellyfish

Conditions for breeding

  • Ammonia NH3: 0 ppm
  • Nitrite NO2: 0 ppm
  • Nitrate NO2: 25 ppm
  • pH: 8 – 8.3
  • Temperature: 20 - 26 °C
  • Salinity: around 1.020 – 1.026 g/cm3
  • Feeding: once a day


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