Spotted Lagoon – Jellyfish (Mastigias papua)

Spotted Lagoon – Jellyfish (Mastigias papua)

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Spotted Lagoon – Jellyfish (Mastigias papua)

The Spotted Lagoon (Mastigias papua) jellyfish are beautifully colorful, and non-stinging jellyfish, suitable for all kinds of jellyfish aquariums. They come from our own breed.

The Spotted Lagoon jellyfish got their name after the area they inhabit. They usually live in lagoons, ports or bays mainly in the South Pacific. These jellyfish resemble a round bell from which four tentacles hang down. They have a large number of small mouths that help them catch food. In connection to the food, these jellyfish change their color to blue, green, pink, orange or yellow with their typical white dots. They usually grow up to approximately 10 cm but are able to grow up to 20 cm.

Specifics of the Spotted Lagoon jellyfish (Mastigias papua)

  • Size: 2-6 cm (maximum 20 cm)
  • Life expectancy: approximately 1-2 years
  • Feeding: artemia and other standard feed materials for jellyfish
  • Temperature: 24 – 28 °C
  • Coloring: colorful (blue, green, yellow, orange, pink with white spots)
  • Occurrence: The South Pacific
  • Photosynthetic: Yes
  • Safety: Non-stinging
  • Placement: all kinds of aquariums

Conditions for breeding

  • Ammonia NH3: 0 ppm
  • Nitrite NO2: 0 ppm
  • Nitrate NO2: 25 ppm
  • pH: 8 – 8.3
  • Temperature: 24 – 28 °C
  • Salinity: around 1.027 g/cm3
  • Feeding: twice a day
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