O2 - Mini aquarium pour des méduses

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O2 - Mini aquarium pour des méduses 

Very nice and easy to maintain aquarium for jellyfish with inbuilt biological filtration system.

It can be placed almost anywhere in your home or office.

Excellent RGB LED lighting with touch control and various lighting functions.

Cherry O2 is a smaller type of aquarium and is suitable for petite species of jellyfish. We especially recommend it for the following species of smaller jellyfish:

Eirene lactoides

Leuckartiara octona

Inbuilt filtration system

The flow of the aquarium is specially designed to keep the jellyfish out of the water drainage area, and the filtration keeps the water quality in optimal conditions for the jellyfish to thrive properly.

The entrance to the filtration is perfectly hidden in the outer circle of the aquarium. Then the water is filtered by a biological filter consisting of ceramic bio balls, where bacteria decompose toxic substances that remain in the water. Once the water is clean, the water is returned to the aquarium by a stream of water which creates strong aeration that can be regulated by a small valve.


Volume: 2 liters

Material: Acrylic

Proportions: 20 cm tall x 8 cm diameter

Number of jellyfish: 3 pieces of lactoides and 10 pieces of octona

Lighting: Inbuilt colour changing LED with touch control.

Filtration: Inbuilt biological filtration

Power consumption: About 15 W

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