About us

About us

Welcome to our website!

We are a specialised company, focusing on selling jellyfish aquariums and breeding the jellyfish as well.

All of the aquariums that you can find here are designed to help you safely and easily breed your own jellyfish. You can choose from freely standing aquariums, tube aquariums or inbuilt aquariums. We are able to customise your aquarium accordingly to your desires. They come in all different sizes. 

We have been focusing on breeding jellyfish for several years. Now we have more types of jellyfish and more are to come. Our breeding station belongs among the biggest ones in the world. We really understand what we are doing so we are able to advise on anything, anytime. A big advantage is that we always have jellyfish in stock.

In our e-shop, you can buy all equipment necessary for jellyfish breeding or use some of our additional services. We clean aquariums, rent them, create visualisations in specific spaces, install aquariums and put them into operation.

We have become distributors for a large number of our products. If you are interested in a business cooperation and you want to start selling our aquariums and jellyfish, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@designjellyfish.com




Ing. Vilém Vedral

email:   info@designjellyfish.com

tel:        +420 777 820 495


Ing. Tereza Růžičková

email: info@designjellyfish.com

tel: +420 608 853 510


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