Aquarium service

Aquarium service

Additional Services

We provide services to all aquarium types. It includes:

  • Daily check-up and adjustments of PH, NH3, NO3, temperature and salinity of the water
  • Possible adjustments of water quality with the help of chemical agents
  • Control and cleaning of the skimmer
  • Control and adjusting of the A/C
  • Lighting control
  • Cleaning of the glass and also the inside of the aquarium
  • Water exchange
  • Biological filtration cleaning
  • Controlling system cleaning
  • Jellyfish feeding

We provide this service daily (full service) but also partially (a visit once or twice a week).

If you order our daily service, we are able to guarantee the life of your jellyfish to be 12 months (or replacing them in case of need, free of charge).

The prices are counted individually, according to the distance from the departure point and also the frequency of the visits.

We are able to provide service everywhere.


We are able to create a graphical suggestion and visualisation of an aquarium. You can easily imagine the future aquarium and how it fits into your interior. We will also prepare a price offer based on all of your requirements.

All you have to do is sent us high-quality photos of your interior and the place, where would the aquarium be. You can also visit us personally and have the consultation with us there.

For the visualisation, please contact us at:


We will personally deliver your larger aquarium to your selected place and install it and put it to operation right anywhere you want. We will fill it with high-quality salt water, add starting drops and let the aquarium ripen for 14 days. Then we will deliver the jellyfish and explain everything you need to know about their breeding. We can also train your chosen caretaker.


In case of a malfunction or other unexpected situations, we offer a NON-STOP emergency and consultancy. We are able to visit you in emergency situations as well. In less urgent situations, you can contact us via email, chat on our website or call us and we will be happy to give you any advice you need. If your aquarium is under our controlling systems, we will be notified even before the aquarium gets e.g. polluted. Therefore, we can contact you in advance or come immediately.

In case of need, you can contact us via e-mail or by phone. We check our e-mail several times a day and we are always available on our phone.

Tel: +420 777 820 495

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