Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Jellyfish Breeding

How long does a jellyfish live?

It depends on the kind of individual jellyfish. Now, we are breeding jellyfish that live for more than one year, but we also have jellyfish that live for two years. The lifespan of individual jellyfish is written in the description of the kind.

How often do we feed them?

The jellyfish are supposed to be fed once a day and you can skip one day in a week. When the water is polluted, divide the dose of food into two separate feeding times.

Does the aquarium stay clean?

It is advisable to place the aquarium out of reach of sunshine. So it should not be prone to algae growth. Then just clean the aquarium twice a week.

How often do we measure the quality of the water?

We recommend to measure the quality of the water at least 3 times a week (about 5 minutes of work).

How often do we exchange the water?

We change about 10% once a week in aquariums (we recommend cleaning the white aquarium twice a week). When measuring water values beyond ideal values, replace the water part earlier or replace most of the water at the same time. Never change more than 50% of the water at a time.

Are jellyfish dangerous?

The Moon Jellyfish are harmless to humans because their venom is not able to penetrate the human skin. However, now we also offer some jellyfish kinds that can cause mild skin burns. You can find more information in the description of different jellyfish kinds.

What do we feed the jellyfish with?

The best food for jellyfish is freshly hatched Artemia. They constantly float on the water until consumed, so they do not pollute the water. We can also feed the jellyfish with frozen Artemia, Cubic Dried Food, Baby Brine Shrimp (sterilised Artemia) or frozen/dried phytoplankton. It is necessary to suck out any leftover food that falls down to the bottom of the aquarium.

Do they need light?

In nature, jellyfish follow the sunlight or the moonlight, so it is necessary to create the most suitable environment for them, even in the aquarium. In the daytime, we recommend using lighter colours and in the night, we recommend darker colours. We need to have the light on 24 hours a day. It is possible to turn off the light for 5-10 hours during the night.

Why do we need to have special aquariums for the jellyfish?

All aquariums are designed specifically for jellyfish breeding in a way that there is a constant water flow created, and the aquariums have round shape so that the jellyfish do not get caught in a corner. The filtration is also very well secured in order not to suck in any jellyfish.

Where can we get saltwater?

You can mix it yourself at home with osmotic or distilled water and sea salt. Ideal density values of the water are 31-34 ppt. All necessary things can be bought on our website as well.

What to do in case I need to leave for a longer time (more then e.g. a weekend)?

Jellyfish can stay alive even without eating for quite some time. We do not recommend to do that very often though because they could start shrinking and it definitely is not good for them.

To keep your jellyfish in good health and physical condition, you should feed them daily. It is possible to not feed them once a week. If you are leaving for a longer time, it is necessary you have someone to take care of your aquarium. You can carefully transport the aquarium and take it with you, if you lower the amount of water in it to a half. You can also do that when you are transporting it to your friends or family so they can take care of it at their homes. If you own a bigger aquarium, it is necessary for you to have someone, who will feed your jellyfish everyday and who will also measure the quality of the water once in two days. In case of need, we are able to provide a jellyfish hotel as well as any follow-up services.

What is the right temperature of the water?

It is possible to have the water from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. The jellyfish are very sensitive to temperature changes. You should try to keep the temperature constant and in case you need to change it, proceed very slowly. An optimal temperature is from 19 to 22 degrees.

How do they reproduce?

The female releases an egg and the male releases sperm and fertilizes it, forming a planula, later a polyp. The polyp hooks on to the walls of the aquarium. The polyps asexually clone themselves and bud, or strobilate, into another stage of jellyfish life, called ephyra. The last stage is the jellyfish itself. However, it is very unlikely, that you will reach the stage of polyp in your aquarium because of the regular water changes.

How can we tell if the jellyfish is healthy?

It has a bell shape and moves once in 3-6 seconds (slower after feeding). It has 4 tentacles and hair along the bell.

Where did the name Moon Jellyfish originated?

They are called that because of the 4 half-moons (stomachs) in the middle, resembling the moon.

Is it possible to get another jellyfish type?

Yes, at this moment, we are breeding several jellyfish types and we also are planning to add more soon. We are able to get any jellyfish type at your request.

What sizes are the jellyfish?

The moon jellyfish adapt to the size of the aquarium. In smaller aquariums, they are about 8 cm and in bigger aquariums, they can grow up to 25 cm. Other types of jellyfish can grow up to 30 cm. You can find more information in the specifics of different types.

Recommended number of jellyfish in an aquarium?

In nature, they live in large groups so we do not recommend to have just one jellyfish. It depends on the type of jellyfish you have and also on the size of your aquarium but it is suitable to have at least 3 jellyfish in 1 aquarium.

How does the jellyfish eat?

They hunt with the help of their hair along the bell and then they put it into their 4 stomachs with the help of their tentacles. A full jellyfish has its 4 stomachs full.

Can jellyfish be shipped?

Yes, they can. They are packed in a double plastic bag and a thermo-box, which enables the temperature to stay constant during the transport. It is important to time the delivery of your package properly.

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