Things you need to know about jellyfish breeding

Things you need to know about jellyfish breeding

All Information You Need To Know To Breed Jellyfish

There is no need to be scared of jellyfish breeding. Taking care of these mystical animals is fun. The basic rule is to have your aquarium water always clean. The jellyfish absorb over 90% of all they eat, so keeping the water clean is very easy. It only gets dirty while feeding, so it is good to be careful and not to overfeed. We recommend doing a quick water quality test about 3 to 4 times a week. It is good to change approximately 25% of your aquarium water once a week or once in 14 days.

The jellyfish require constant environment temperature (room temperature 18-25 C) and also a constant salinity. You can measure that by using a refractometer or a hydrometer.

If the jellyfish have clean water, constant temperature and salinity and are fed once a day, it will be easy for you to breed them.

We are happy to help you with basics of breeding and other connected things. Just like all animals, jellyfish require certain level of care. In comparison to the beauty, joy and peace that they bring, taking care of them is more of a joyful thing to do.

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