The Acclimatisation Process of jellyfish

The Acclimatisation Process of jellyfish

The Acclimatisation Process of Jellyfish Transfer

The acclimatisation process of jellyfish transfer should be done immediately after you take them over. The conditions in the package are only temporary and the jellyfish should not be in these conditions for more than 12 hours.

That is the reason we send you the jellyfish approximately a week after you have purchased the aquarium because it is necessary to prepare and start the operation of the aquarium before the jellyfish are placed. It is necessary to check the quality of the water before putting the jellyfish in. The parameters should always be in recommended values. After receiving the jellyfish, start with their transfer immediately. Separately packed jellyfish should be carefully moved to one big plastic bag. Take the approximately same amount of water from the aquarium, as is in the bag, so that after putting the jellyfish into the aquarium, the water is not spilt out. The jellyfish need to get used to the new environment very slowly. Pour two small cups of the aquarium water into the bag. Then, in about 5-minute intervals, carefully submerge the plastic bag into the aquarium water and allow about 10% of the water from the bag to mix with the aquarium water. This should be repeated about 10 times. After the water is thoroughly mixed, you can submerge the whole bag into the aquarium. By that you allow the jellyfish to freely swim out to the aquarium. With the water flow regulator, set the water flow so that the jellyfish are not at risk to be stuck in the corners of your aquarium.

The jellyfish can seem tired or lazy for several hours after the transfer, which is caused by being shocked by the transfer and also by the new environment. As soon as the jellyfish are acclimatized, they start moving in intervals, every 3-6 seconds. We recommend the first feeding to be after at least 12 hours.

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