Water exchange


To keep your aquarium clean, you need to replace 10 - 20% water once a week (we recommend cleaning the white aquarium twice a week)

If you mix your own salt water, prepare it at least 6 hours in advance or even one day before. This caution is important for the salt to completely melt into the water.

Before pouring the salt water into the aquarium, check its temperature and salinity. It should be somewhere between 30 – 34 ppt. For a better acceptance of the new water by your jellyfish, we recommend mixing the same salinity as you already have in your aquarium. That can be done by mixing saltier water and on the day of the exchange, you just add distilled or osmotic water so that the salinity stabilises to the values in your aquarium.

While exchanging the water, your jellyfish should be placed in a plastic bag that you leave floating in the aquarium. When you finish putting the jellyfish into plastic bags, you can start with the process of exchanging your water. You will prevent your jellyfish from being harmed. That can happen when the water is poured in fast. If you measure your salinity to be lower than recommended values, mix saltier water one day before and slowly pour it into the aquarium, until the salinity is stabilised at a recommended value. If your salinity is higher, carefully pour in distilled or osmotic water.

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